Anuschka är baserad i Mölnbo och arbetar skulpturalt i sten. Hon var i föreningens utställning Grönt Liv, 2021, Rosa, 2022 och Järna Open Art.

The stones from which the sculptures are made come from this region.

Expressive stone sculptures cut with an angle grinder.

Anuschka finds the material for these spirited art objects in the forest, in her garden, in fields or at small abandoned quarries. Inspiration follows immediately, often the stone shows her right away its special being. In her garden studio at the edge of the forest, a fine face emerges from the hard stone in bold action with the angle grinder.

Usually they are figures that rest in harmony and radiate deep peace. The eyes closed, a slight smile plays upon their lips, silent witnesses to an archaic culture.

Their individually patterned surfaces, mostly not polished, just treated with pure beeswax, show the skillful work of the angle grinder and the viewer can hardly resist the desire to caress their visage.

You can feel the strength and the age of the stone. Each sculpture has its own aura through its individual texture and grain, and speaks with its unique voice to its surroundings.

Anuschka has become a master in understanding the possibilities of natural materials, and as if by magic archetypes, ancient figures from different cultures, demons,  angels, gods and goddesses appear through her work.

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